The future of ACCA - Moore Stephens KSC, CEO, Mamas Koutsoyiannis addresses the ACCA & FCCA New Members

The 2nd of November, 2017 marked the ceremonious orientation of new members of the ACCA addressed by Mamas Koutsoyiannis, CEO of Moore Stephens KSC. This comes as no surprise considering his crucial involvement in the advancement of ACCA both in Romania and Moldova as an official ACCA Ambassador.

Amongst the keynote speakers of the event were Ms. Andreia Stanciu, Head of ACCA South Eastern Europe, Mr.Robert Stenhouse, Vice President of ACCA, Mr.Robert Șova, President of CECCAR, Mr.Ciprian Mihăilescu, President of CAFR and Mr.Mamas Koutsoyiannis, the CEO of Moore Stephens KSC.

While addressing the new ACCA members in the ceremony, Mr. Mamas Koutsoyiannis spoke about his graduation days and how as a student some years ago, he would never have thought he would be working as an ambassador for the accountancy body he studied for or, even less so, end up aiding the spread of awareness about the profession. He spoke about how the certification has helped him in his professional career and how ACCA helps an individual become a sought-after finance professional in today's dynamic financial climate.

Mr. Koutsoyiannis also specified the importance of having strong ethical standing along with a foundation in accounting and finance background to aid in the building of trust and credibility within business and to progress through a career both in and out of the traditional finance function. Professional accountants throughout the world are uniquely placed to help organisations create sustainable growth and prosperity in the global economy.

In his closing words he stated that the ACCA plays an important role in building professional career of the next generation accountants worldwide.