About us

Moore Assurance & Advisory is an independent member firm of Moore Global, one of the global leaders of firm providing accounting, audit and management consulting services. Moore Stephens Assurance & Advisory has offices in Romania and Republic of Moldova.

Our aim is to contribute at the creation of a healthy business environment and to be recognized as one of the most trusted professional services firms in Romania and Republic of Moldova by providing bespoke business solutions of the highest international standards.
We are specialized in a world that is becoming smaller and more complicated. Through quality, transparency and honesty our professional relationship are built on years of hard work to understand you and your goals.

Our mission is to:

  • Keep you competitive
  • Expand your opportunities
  • Provide real commercial value to you and your business
  • Keep you compliant with the Law, rules and regulations

How are we different?

What makes us truly different is our industry knowledge and understanding, which ensures the services we offer are tailored to each individual client and add commercial value:
  • Starting a business or expanding into new markets?
  • Preparing a merger or acquisition?
  • Are you a permanent subject to tax inspections?
  • Do you need help in preparing transfer pricing documentation, or do you worry about increasing of tax burden due to the amendment of tax laws?
  • Do you need reconstruction of the whole accounting?
  • Would you like to focus on your own business?