Bookkeeping & accounting

The Moore Stephens KSC outsourcing team provides a full bookkeeping service, but can also focus on particular areas of your accounts, such as the debtors ledger, payroll, VAT or bank reconciliations.

Our bookkeeping service delivers key benefits:


  • Appropriate software: we use software and accounting packages appropriate to the nature and complexity of the businesses we support. Alternatively we will work with your current solution.

  • Appropriate accounting: we can apply our standard chart of accounts in your business, or adopt your own accounts framework.

  • Flexibility: we can maintain particular areas of accounts, in line with your business needs and preferences.

  • Efficiency: we capture, process and reconcile your business data in the most efficient and effective manner.

  • Accuracy: our professional expertise ensures the accurate processing of your accounting information, even in the most complex and technical areas.

  • Assurance: we maintain your books and records in compliance with all current regulations and your business requirements.